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Dietitian in Wyndhamvale, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing

The dietitian at Wyndhamvale Health Care assists you with all your healthy eating needs throughout Wyndhamvale, Werribee and Hoppers Crossing.

Diabetic Educator and Dietitian

Following a healthy diet can give you more control over your diabetes and sugar levels.

At Wyndhamvale Health Care, our dietitian works closely with every diabetic patient to design their meal plans. We assess every patient’s health condition, nutrition and eating habits before planning the best diet for them. Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

Designing the best meal plans for diabetic patients

Dietitian Werribee
Dietitian Wyndhamvale

Weight-Loss and Sports Nutritionist

Do you want to lose weight the healthy way? Instead of relying on random weight loss pills, visit our nutritionist at Wyndhamvale Health Care. We help and encourage overweight and obese patients to achieve a healthy weight by regulating and monitoring their diet plans.

Our dietetics sport nutrition program also helps sport enthusiasts and body builders develop muscles and lose body fat properly.

Helping overweight and obese patients lose weight the healthy way

Other Medical Services Offered:

  • Psychological counselling
  • In-house ultrasound
  • Podiatric and orthotics
  • On-site pharmacy and pathology collection
  • Obstetric and gynaecological care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dysmenorrhea


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